Android N ?

So the new gift from Google Inc. “Android N” with one surprise what is the “N” means ?  And with new exciting features for Android Users and some big challenges for android developers.

So let’s find what’s good for Android Users:

  1. Multi-window support
  2. Quick Settings Tile size increased
  3. Number-blocking
  4. Call screening
  5. Android TV recording
  6. Direct Boot
  7. Launcher shortcuts
  8. Print service enhancements
  9. 3D Touch support
  10. New Folder icon
  11. Direct Reply Notifications

And here are some exciting challenges for  Android Developers:

  1. Support multi-window mode
  2. Doze mode
  3. ICU4J API-interfaces on the Android
  4. API OpenGL ES 3.2
  5. Direct Boot Mode
  6. Certification key
  7. Configuring Network Security
  8. Access to a dedicated directory

Android N is still in active development, but you can try it now as part of the N Developer Preview. The sections below highlight some of the breitling replica watches new features for developers.

Make sure to check out the Behavior Changes to learn about areas where platform changes may affect your apps, take a look at the developer guides to learn more about key features, and download theAPI Reference for details on new APIs.


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